17 seminars are scheduled to take place at the 73rd SNTS General Meeting, 07-10 August 2018, in Athens at TITANIA Conference Center 4* Superior Hotel unless indicated otherwise, each with its own topic or focus. 

The seminars meet in 3 simultaneous sessions on

  • Session 1: Wednesday 08 August 2018

  • Session 2: Thursday 09 August 2018

  • Session 3: Friday 10 August 2018

At each day-session a paper is normally presented and discussed.

The culture of the Society`s General Meeting is that when you sign up for a specific seminar you will attend all three sessions of that seminar. 

Seminars scheduled to terminate this year may apply for continuation.  New seminars may also be proposed (“Seminar Guidelines” with procedure and deadlines are available on the Society website or may be solicited from the Secretary).

Stewards will be present to help you find your way to seminar rooms.


11:15 – 12:45     

Location → TITANIA Hotel – 10th floor, OURANOS HALL – room Omiros

Constructions of the Histories of Early Christianity (Conveners: Cilliers Breytenbach and Clare Rothschild) Termination: in 2020

  • Wed: Adela Yarbro Collins (USA), ‘The Reception of 1 Corinthians 7 in the Second and Third Centuries’ – respondent: Christiane Zimmerman (Germany)

  • Thu: Cilliers Breytenbach (Germany), ‘Athenagoras and the Early History of Attic Christianity’ – respondent: James Kelhoffer (Sweden)

  • Fri: Francis Watson (UK), ‘An Ambiguous Legacy: The Epistula Apostolorum and its Editors’ – respondent: Simon Gathercole (UK)


11:15 – 12:45     

Location → TITANIA Hotel – 1st floor, room No 102  

The Greek of the New Testament (Conveners: James Voelz, Jesús Peláez and Paul Danove) Termination in 2019 

  • Wed: Paul Danove (USA), ‘The Grammaticalization of Communication by New Testament Verbs and Nouns’

  • Thu: Bradley McLean (Canada), ‘The Semiology of Louw and Nida’s Greek-English Lexicon and the Semiotic Theory of Louis Hjelmslev’

  • Fri: Kyriakoula Papademetriou (Greece), ‘On the New Testament Use of ἵνα as a Conjunction Introducing Substantive Clauses: a Possible Latinism’


11:15 – 12:45

Location → TITANIA Hotel – 1st floor, room No 106      

Inhalte und Probleme einer neutestamentlichen Theologie (Conveners: Christof Landmesser and Mark Seifrid) Termination: in 2019

  • Wed: Richard Hays (USA), ‘ “The Redeemer of Israel”: Scriptural Reception as Key to Luke’s Christology ’

  • Thu: Dieter Sänger (Germany), ‘Dialogische Kanonizität. Altes Testament und Neues Testament – eine kontrastive kanonische Einheit’

  • Fri: Mark Seifrid (USA), ‘Listening to the Law: Hagar, Sarah, and the Story of Scripture’

SEMINAR 4        

11:15 – 12:45

Location → TITANIA Hotel – Mezzanine floor, EUROPE HALL – room Niki 

The Johannine Writings (Conveners: Jörg Frey, Margareta Gruber and Christos Karakolis) Termination: in 2020

  • Wed: Michael Labahn (Germany), ‘Zeichen, Glaube und Unglaube nach Joh 12,37ff.’ – respondent: Cosmin Prikop (Romania)

  • Thu: Andréas Dettwiler (Switzerland), ‘Bedeutung und Funktion des Semeia-Begriffs im JohEv anhand von Joh 20,30-31’ – respondent: Laura Tack (guest, Belgium)

  • Fri: R. Alan Culpepper (USA), ‘Ecclesiological Imagery in John 21:1-14 and the Johannine Semeia’ – respondent: Christine Jacobi (guest, Germany)


11:15 – 12:45     

Location → Oikonomotechniki – 1st floor – room A

The Development of Early Christian Ethics within its Jewish and Greco-Roman Contexts (Conveners: Matthias Konradt and William Loader) Termination: in 2020

  • Wed: David Downs (USA), ‘Physical Weakness, Illness, and Death in 1 Corinthians 11:30: The Ethics of Overeating and Deprivation in Pauline and Early Christianity’ – respondent: Matthias Konradt (Germany)

  • Thu: Richard Burridge (UK), ‘Poverty and Wealth in Luke-Acts’ – respondent: David Moessner (USA)

  • Fri: John Collins (USA), ‘Social Ethics in Apocalyptic Perspective: The Case of the Epistle of Enoch’ – respondent: Markus Bockmuehl (UK)


11:15 – 12:45     

Location → TITANIA Hotel – 1st floor, room No 101

The Mission and Expansion of Earliest Christianity (Conveners: Eugene Eung-Chun Park, Paul Trebilco and Gosnell Yorke) Termination: in 2018

  • Wed: Peter-Ben Smit (Netherlands), ‘Marginal Masculinities and Early Christian Mission’

  • Thu: Terence L. Donaldson (Canada), ‘Ethnē (“Gentiles”) as an Ascribed Identity: What Did Non-Jewish Christ-Believers Make of It?’ – respondent: Gosnell Yorke (Zambia)

  • Fri: Paul Trebilco (New Zealand), ‘Salvation, Gift and Mission in 1 John: Unconditioned, but not Unconditional’


11:15 – 12:45

Location → TITANIA Hotel – 1st floor, room No 105        

Hebrews (Conveners: Christian Eberhart and Wolfgang Kraus) Termination: in 2020

  • Wed: James Thompson (USA), ‘Eschatology in Hebrews – Working Title’ – respondent: Gert Steyn (Germany)

  • Thu: Gabriella Gelardini (Switzerland), ‘Eschatologie im Hebräerbrief – Arbeitstitel’ – respondent: Edwin Broadhead (USA)

  • Fri: Elena Belenkaja (guest, Germany), ‘Räumliche und zeitliche Aspekte der Eschatologie im Hebräerbrief’ – respondent: John Ekem (Ghana)


11:15 – 12:45

Location → TITANIA Hotel – Mezzanine floor, EUROPE HALL – room Apollon 

Social History and the New Testament (Conveners: Hermut Löhr, Markus Öhler and Anders Runesson) Termination: in 2022

  • Wed: Anders Runesson (Norway), Space, Ritual, and Politics in (the Reconstruction of) the Ancient Synagogue: An Exploration of the Historical Archive

  • Thu: Laura Nasrallah (USA), ‘Letter-Writing as Technology: New Testament, Epigraphy, and Empire’

  • Fri: John Kloppenborg (Canada), ‘Social Networks and the Diffusion of Ancient Elective Cults’ (Joint session with seminar 11 – room APOLLON)


11:15 – 12:45

Location → TITANIA Hotel – 1st floor, room No 104         

Early Jewish Theologies and the New Testament (Conveners: Jens Herzer and Gerbern Oegema) Termination: in 2019

  • Wed: Gerbern Oegema (Canada), ‘Some Considerations about Comparing Ethics in Early Judaism and in the New Testament’

  • Thu: William Loader (Australia), ‘The Intermarriage Issue in Early Jewish Theologies and the New Testament’

  • Fri: Lutz Doering (Germany), ‘ “And Who is My Neighbour?” Revisiting the Love Commandment and the Golden Rule in Ancient Judaism ’


11:15 – 12:45

Location → TITANIA Hotel – 1st floor, room No 103

Reconsidering Literarkritik of the Pauline Letters and its Impact on their Interpretation (Conveners: Eve-Marie Becker and Reimund Bieringer) Termination: in 2018

  • Wed: Peter Arzt-Grabner (Austria), ‘Der Kompilationsprozess aus Sicht der Dokumentarischen Papyrologie’

  • Thu: Paul Duff (USA), ‘Tracking Titus and Chronicling the Collection: 2 Corinthians 8 and 9’

  • Fri: Paul Holloway (USA), ‘Verum gaudium res severa est. Reflections on the Hermeneutics of Literarkritik’


11:15 – 12:45

Location → TITANIA Hotel – Mezzanine floor, EUROPE HALL – room Athina

Papyrology, Epigraphy and the New Testament (Conveners: Peter Arzt-Grabner and John Kloppenborg) Termination: in 2018

  • Wed: Lincoln Blumell (USA), ‘The New Testament Text of Didymus the Blind: A Reconsideration of the Tura Papyri and their Text-Critical Value’ – respondent: Giovanni Bazzana (USA)

  • Thu: Alanna Nobbs (Australia), ‘What’s in a Name? Papyrus Evidence for Christian Female Onomastic Practice in Egypt to the Sixth Century’ – respondent: Angela Standhartinger (Germany)

  • Fri: John Kloppenborg (Canada), ‘Social Networks and the Diffusion of Ancient Elective Cults’ (Joint session with seminar 8 – room APOLLON)

SEMINAR 12        

11:15 – 12:45

Location → TITANIA Hotel – 10th floor, OURANOS HALL – room Platon

Reading Paul`s Letters in Context: Theological and Social-Scientific Approaches (Conveners: William Campbell and Judith Gundry) Termination: in 2021

  • Wed: Christopher Stanley (USA), ‘Paul the Cosmopolitan: A Post-Colonial Analysis’

  • Thu: Kathy Ehrensperger (UK), ‘The Politeuma in the Heavens and the Construction of Collective Identity in Philippians’

  • Fri: Robert Brawley, Anders Runesson and Ekkehard Stegemann, Panel review of W.S. Campbell, Paul and the Nations in the Divine Economy (Lexington Fortress, 2018)

SEMINAR 13     

11:15 – 12:45

Location → Oikonomotechniki – 1st floor – room B 

New Testament Textual Criticism (Conveners: Claire Clivaz, Ulrich Schmid and Tommy Wasserman) Termination: in 2018

  • Wed: Jennifer Knust (USA), ‘New Testament Textual Criticism as Exegesis: Test Cases from the Gospel of John’ – respondent: Claire Clivaz (Switzerland)

  • Thu: Klaus Wachtel (Germany), ‘An Interactive Textual Commentary on Acts’ – respondent: Michael Holmes (USA)

  • Fri: Juan Hernández (USA), ‘The Exegesis and Textual History of the Apocalypse in Light of Recent Advances’ – respondent: Tommy Wasserman (Sweden)


11:15 – 12:45

Location → TITANIA Hotel – 10th floor, OURANOS HALL – room Socratis

Memory, Narrative and Christology in the Synoptic Gospels (Conveners: Samuel Byrskog, Jens Schröter and Stephen Hultgren) Termination: in 2018

  • Wed: Alan Kirk (USA), ‘Bios Elements in the Double Tradition’

  • Thu: Torsten Jantsch (Germany), ‘Jerusalem as “Realm of Memory” (lieu de mémoire) in Luke-Acts’

  • Fri: Samuel Byrskog (Sweden), ‘A Hermeneutics of Memory: Some Suggestions for Future Research’


11:15 – 12:45

Location → TITANIA Hotel – 10th floor, OURANOS HALL – room Solon

Philo and Early Christianity (Conveners: Gregory Sterling and Per Jarle Bekken) Termination: in 2022

  • Wed: Per Jarle Bekken (Norway), ‘Philo and Paul in Jewish Negotiations on Abraham: Fresh Observations on Common Exegetical Traditions and Motifs’ – respondent: A. Andrew Das (USA)

  • Thu: Ilaria Ramelli (USA): ‘Philo and Paul on Soteriology and Eschatology’ – respondent: Gregory E. Sterling (USA)

  • Fri: Volker Rabens (Germany): ‘Philo and Paul: A Comparison of their Respective Pneumatologies’ – respondent: Per Jarle Bekken (Norway)


11:15 – 12:45

Location → Oikonomotechniki – 1st floor – room Γ

Acta Politica: The Book of Acts and the Political Culture of the Roman Empire (Conveners: Knut Backhaus, Carl Holladay and Daniel Marguerat) Termination: in 2021

  • Wed: Loveday Alexander (UK), ‘Ekklesia and Empire: Social Networks and the Shape of the Church in Acts’ – respondent: Carl Holladay (USA)

  • Thu: Daniel Marguerat (Switzerland), ‘Les Actes, construction d’une mémoire sociale / Acts as a Construction of Social Memory’ – respondent: Knut Backhaus (Germany)

  • Fri: Lukas Bormann (Germany), ‘From Center to Periphery: Jerusalem in Luke-Acts / Vom Zentrum zur Peripherie: Jerusalem im lukanischen Schrifttum’ – respondent: Peter-Ben Smit (Netherlands)


11:15 – 12:45

Location → Oikonomotechniki – 1st floor – room Δ

Resurrection: New Methods and Approaches (Conveners: Shelly Matthews and Daniel Smith) Termination: in 2020 

  • Wed: Outi Lehtipuu (Finland), ‘Resurrection, Polemics and Identity’ – respondent: Judith Lieu (UK)

  • Thu: Shelly Matthews (USA), ‘Resurrection, Politics and Justice’ – respondent: Yii-Jan Lin (guest, USA)

  • Fri: Daniel Smith (Canada), ‘The Resurrection of Jesus: Questions, Comparators, Approaches’ – respondent: Lidija Novakovic (USA)